12 Days of Christmas

We are blessed to be a blessing.

Throughout our 36 year history as a community of faith, we have experienced the grace of God in abundant ways and have generously responded to God's call to connect people to share in Christ's mission of grace.

This Christmas we want to make a big difference for our neighbors in Collin and Denton Counties.

Our plan?

We're going to give away $10,000 a day for 12 days starting on December 8th as we prepare to celebrate Christmas!

How can we do this?

Last year, after the unused land sold, the Church Council set aside a tithe

(or 10%) of the proceeds to be used for a future generosity event. That amount was $75,000.

In the month of November, we asked the members of the congregation to suggest charities or recipients that are either in Collin or Denton counties who would be worthy of a special donation this season. We want to keep this local.

Many nominations were received, and the selection team of congregational members and council leadership is meeting to determine how to make the daily gifts.  

Additionally, we asked the congregation to follow the Spirit's lead to make up the $45,000 gap between the land sale tithe and our hope to give away $10,000 a day for twelve days.  We're happy to report that you responded generously, and we surpassed our goal!  Thanks be to God for your joyful generosity.  

In this season of giving, we remember that God gives us the most precious gift of all -- an eternal relationship of love and joy established through the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. He is the reason for the season!

Make sure you are signed up for our membership emails, and we'll let you know soon who the first recipient is.  If you're not signed up, contact the ministry office, and we'll get you added.  

~Blessings of tiding and joy!

The PMLC Church Council and Ministry Staff