Our Hope for you

By joining with our church, our hope is that you'll become a fully engaged disciple of Jesus SHARING with us in the unique  mission God has given us.

  • Serve God and others
  • Handing down your faith
  • Authentic in Relationship
  • Responding to God's will
  • Intentional with God's gifts
  • Nearing God in daily devotion
  • Grateful for God's provision

OUr Mission

Mission points us in the direction we can all head together.  

Every church exists to glorify God and make disciples of Jesus, but each church is built uniquely to accomplish that goal.  At Preston Meadow Lutheran Church, we have discovered that we glorify God and make disciples of Jesus by: 

Connecting people to share in Christ's mission of grace for God's world.  

Our strategy

Strategy gives us a short path to deeper connections so we can become full participants in the mission God has given us.  Every member of Preston Meadow Lutheran Church pledges to make these steps central in their following of Jesus.  

Worship as one. 

Connect everyday. 

Grow through Groups. 

Serve in ministry and mission.    

OUr Values

Values are our guiding lights in our mission.  

They show us what we hold most dearly. 

Inspiring Worship

We worship God in spirit and truth. 

Compassionate Acceptance 

We welcome one another as Christ has welcomed us. 

Nurturing Faith

We nurture our own faith as well as invest in the next generations to come. 

Engaging Outreach 

We care for those for whom God has a special concern. 

Joyful Generosity

We joyfully share of our time, talents, and treasures God has given us; 

we're blessed to be a blessing.