Our preschool ministry provides a faith-based environment where children can experience independence appropriate to their ages, develop social skills, and form a positive self-image. We want children to be able to experiment and create, to feel comfortable with and curious about their environments, and have a safe place to develop language and social skills. 

To build basic skills, we include activities such as language arts, science, social play, mathematics, iPad learning, singing and dancing, arts and crafts, cooking, and storytelling. Adequate time for physical activities also allows children to learn through playing. 

  • Academic or Developmental?

    An academic preschool focuses on preparing your child for the academic challenges your child will face in school.  Much attention is given to letters, numbers, pre-reading skills and other academic work.  An academic program can range in extremes from academic only activities mixed with developmental, age-appropriate tasks and skills. 

    A developmental program usually means it is tailored toward skills and activities that are appropriate to your child's age and stage of development.  A developmental program is likely to spend more time of their class day allowing children more individual choice in how to use their time.  Activity centers are very popular in developmental programs.  A developmental program would say that "play" is a form of learning.

    At Preston Meadow Lutheran Preschool, we combine the best of both approaches to help the children develop and grow into the person God wants them to be. 

  • Curriculum

    Each age group is guided by curriculum that allows individual children to develop cognitively, socially, emotionally, and spiritually.  This is what separates us from the many daycares available in our area.  Our model is to partner with you as your children are taught and formed to be the person God wants them to be.  It's more than providing safe care for your child during the day; we help them encounter the wider world around them at a level appropriate for them.  Younger ages receive a daily note to let you know of their experiences that day, while older ages begin prepping for the transition to kindergarten.  The Frogstreet curriculum reinforces letters, numbers, colors , and shapes and has been very beneficial to making them ready for elementary school.    

  • Chapel Time

    Every week, children attend chapel led by our preschool and pastoral staff.  They learn how they are made in the image of God, are taught to be thankful for God's good creation, and how to pray to draw near to God.  Fun songs and stories fill our weekly time together.