serve in ministry & mIssion

Jesus was a servant leader.  He didn't come to build an empire around glory and fame but established a kingdom founded on humility, mercy, and reaching out to others with grace.  We serve in ministry and mission as Jesus seeks to include us in how the kingdom of God is built right around us, today.  

A Haitian proverb tells us, "Many hands make the burden light."  It takes all of us, contributing together, to live into our mission.  There are many ways to serve within the community of PMLC -- from assisting in worship, teaching youth and children, assisting with Pastoral Care through Stephen Ministry, 

welcoming guests and new members, 
and helping keep the facilities in tip top shape.  

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the gifts God has given you with your wider church community.  

The Apostle Paul reminds us that God has poured an abundance of diverse gifts into the members of the church, and we're asked to share those gifts with the community around us to extend the gifts of God's grace to one another.

serve in mission

Jesus said, "Go out into all the world; you are my witnesses."  We take him at his word and go out to serve those for whom God has a special concern.  These outreach ministries form our Cornerstone Missions as we seek to build deep, long relationships to help them
achieve their mission.  

  • Partners for over 10 years, we have enjoyed helping the HTF raise up Haitian leadership that advocates for sustainability, hope, and dignity so all may have life.  Annual trips are taken to Haiti to visit our partners and help them reach their dreams.  

  • MOSAIC of Dallas is one chapter of the national Mosaic organization that provides a life of possibilities for those with disabilities.   A retired group of guys in the congregation, affectionately known as "God's Handymen," visit the homes each week to do maintenance and upkeep.  MOSAIC figures this servant volunteer group has saved them $150,000 (!) in the last few years.  We're yearly hosts of a Birthday Bash for residents and help out with any other volunteer needs they have.  MOSAIC is one of the largest faith based providers of services to those with disabilities.  

  • Journey of Hope is a local Plano organization that provides free counseling to children and their families after a loved one passes away.  We provide meals for their monthly counseling sessions and have hosted their annual Family Fun Festival & 5k Walk in the past.  

  • Thirty percent of children in Plano ISD are eligible for free or reduced meal plans.  That means many of our neighbors are struggling to provide enough for their families, and we don't think that is acceptable.  Every November we host a Virtual Turkey Drive to provide 500 families in our area with a healthy meal, and we help sponsor the Food 4 Kids initiative that provides a backpack of food sent home with kids over the weekend.  We're excited that the NTFB has just finished a new support center just a few miles south of us! 

  • Six times a year on Sunday mornings we host Carter Blood Care as members are encouraged to donate blood.  Every donation helps up to 3 lives in our area; and we've been hosting the blood drive for years.  We have been recognized year over year as their most consistent faith-based donation center in the area.