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kidsConnect is our primary offering where children are able to connect to God, their faith, and one another.  It occurs every Sunday during the school year from 9:45-10:45 (with breaks for the holidays).  We take a break during the summer for family travel and to experience a different rhythm of life.  

Kids are able to check in via our iPad system, receive their name tags, and head off to the Fellowship Hall to find their class small groups.  Music and stories start our time, we then have our large group teaching time and intro for the theme of the day. We then break off into small groups by grade and continue with our theme lesson. When we are done, we head back into the Fellowship Hall to wrap it up. Everything wraps up by 10:45.  

faith milestones

In baptism, parents make promises to God to raise their children to follow Jesus and teach their children the basics of the faith like the Lord's Prayer, the Creeds, and the 10 commandments. These topics can be hard to do on your own, so we've developed Faith Milestones, opportunities for parents to interact with their children as they together learn the important parts of our faith.  Every age group has an opportunity during the course of the year to grow in their faith.  

  • 3 Year Olds -- God made me ... We are given our first nametag to wear just like our parents.   
  • 4 Year Olds -- Signs and Symbols ... Explore the symbols of our faith and the stories they tell. 
  • Kindergarten  -- Prayer ... The why and how of Prayer
  • First Grade -- The Lord's Prayer ... Diving into the different parts of the prayer Jesus gave us
  • Second Grade -- My 1st Bible ... a Bible is given by the church and we look through the 66 Books of the Bible.    
  • Third Grade -- The 10 Commandments  ... interacting with the 10 commandments.   
  • Fourth Grade -- Stewardship ... We learn how God entrusts our time, talents, and treasures so we can be a blessing to others.     
  • Fifth Grade -- The Sacraments ... An in depth look at Baptism and Communion.   
  • Sixth Grade -- God's Work, Our Hands ... We discover how God wants us to love our neighbors and go out into the world to serve others with a special project.