the crownharts: a personal invitation

When searching for a new place to worship after we moved to north Texas, we knew that we wanted an ELCA congregation that was a welcoming place with a sense of community, that provided opportunities for spiritual growth, and that served others through meaningful outreach beyond the walls of the church.

We learned early on that PMLC is a friendly, engaging congregation when we received a personal invitation to join a Sunday morning grow group.  That one, single, personal invitation resulted in us developing many close relationships through a connection of our common beliefs and being involved in other PMLC ministries.

PMLC’s ministries are outward focused, not inward focused.  What we mean is that although we allocate funds to maintain the church’s physical spaces and support the needs of our members, PMLC and its members invest their resources, time and talent in the wider community which can be transformative to their faith.  We have found this to be true in our own lives.   

As lifelong, active Lutherans, we gradually learned generosity through witnessing other Christians, both within and outside of our congregations, and through our continuous spiritual growth.  This has resulted in us freely giving our time and talents, including financial gifts, to the ELCA congregations we have attended and the wider world in gratitude for the many gifts of God we have experienced.

Our hopes for PMLC is that we; (i) stay true to our mission and values and help all who are part of our congregation to strive to make that mission and those values their own, (ii) model our faith for future generations and (iii) meet potential new members where they are spiritually.

Paul and Fran Crownhart

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