the wisemans & tHeir generosity story

As newlyweds moving to Plano back in 2008, we made a conscious effort to find the right church for us. I (Sarah) grew up as a member of PMLC and we were married at PMLC, but we were happy members of a Methodist church in Oklahoma. We were looking for that ,church that felt like home, one where we could grow together in faith and raise the family we dreamed of. We visited several lovely churches, but when we visited PMLC, Pastor Paul immediately recruited us to help build connections among other people our age in our faith community. We could hear the Holy Spirit moving in Pastor Paul’s request, and we knew then that PMLC was going to be our faith home, where we worshiped, connected, and grew as a family. 

PMLC for us means family. It is a place where we worship with four generations of our family together. But, it’s more than that! We worship with our church family. This family is made up of other families growing alongside ours like the Ahnemanns, the Longs, and the Kellys. It’s also made up of an extended family across generations like Sandra Sheffield and Kelly Schlotman, who taught our boys at KDO and continue to nurture them in faith. I have found sisters-in-Christ through FamilyConnect and WomensConnect. 

Jeff and I learned generosity from our parents. We watched our parents drop checks in the offering plate each week. Our parents gave us gifts both on special occasions and in the spirit of unexpected generosity. They welcomed family and friends into our church and homes. Our parents listened to us and supported us through difficult situations.  They volunteered their time and talents at church and in the community. My parents were particularly good at that. My dad loves to be an assisting minister, and my mom has provided thousands of hours of support to Journey of Hope Grief Support Center. 

We support PMLC with a monthly financial pledge, with gifts of items like bean bag toss boards, with hospitality at events like the Epiphany dinner, with emotional support through prayer and relationships built through the Connect ministries, and through our time and talents as volunteers for familyConnect. We do this because we know that we are blessed to be a blessing. We receive so much more from PMLC than we could ever give back. 

Our hope is to continue building connections through our church where we welcome young people into the church, help them to find their place within our community, and live into the promises of God’s love.

Sarah and Jeff Wiseman

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