Ed and Evi miculka & tHeir generosity story


In 1990 we were searching for a church home for our young family.  Because we had been raised in different church backgrounds (Ed attended a Lutheran church growing up while Evi had attended a Greek Orthodox church), we wanted a loving and welcoming faith community that preached a message based on Biblical scripture.  We visited several churches, both denominational and non-denominational, hoping to feel a connection.  We finally found it at PMLC. 

It took a little while, but PMLC became our church after we got involved with church activities and ministries, which resulted in friendships, many life-long.  Getting to know and connecting with people and hearing their stories of faith and belief, resulted in us understanding that PMLC was more than just four walls; it was a loving and welcoming faith community that we felt connected to.

PMLC’s ministries are both broad and deep and provide numerous ways we can serve our community and help those in need.  It’s easy in this current environment for members, if they so choose, to find opportunities to serve that are aligned with their passions to help.  Understanding the impact of the church ministries on the lives of those in need is the catalyst for the time and talents we all give to the church and its ministries.  A small church, such as PMLC in 1990, could only survive based on the volunteer help provided by its members.  Like many others, we have used, and continue to use, our time and talents to help grow the ministries that help and serve others. 

We both learned generosity from our parents and the stories of giving we have heard from PMLC pastors and congregational members.  We support PMLC with our financial gifts because the ministries are making a real difference in the lives of those in need.  The Joyful Generosity campaign and the stories of the people who have been helped has been a great learning opportunity.  Hearing the stories and seeing people’s lives changed motivates us to continue to be generous.

Our hope and prayers are that PMLC continues to cast a wide net to meet the needs of the congregation and those less fortunate, while spreading God’s Word to those to whom we minister so that they will come to know a loving and welcoming God.

Ed and Evi Miculka

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