russ and Anne abercrombie & tHeir generosity story


We were expecting our first child when we moved to Plano in 1990 and first visited PMLC on Christmas Eve that same year.  We were both born and raised Lutherans and wanted a Lutheran church where we could raise our children in a faith community. It was important that the church we joined be welcoming, have a sense of community, and was excited to be a participant in God’s world through meaningful outreach to the larger community.

From the very first day, we met many new people and made friends by getting involved.  We initially joined the music program, and it has become a long-term ministry for both of us.  We like the fact that PMLC maintains a balance between traditional and contemporary worship.   We also got our kids involved in PMLC’s children’s activities.   By getting our entire family involved, we were able to meet other members, make friends, and gradually begin to feel like we truly had a home at PMLC.

We were fortunate to have two people in our lives who modeled what it means to be generous.  Anne’s father profoundly influenced both of us by his consistent and faithful giving to the church and his generous spirit to those around him.  Pastor Harvey was hugely influential in teaching the value of generosity to us and the congregation. We have taken to heart a saying he left with us, “you can’t out give God, so just trust him and let your giving flow.”


The Lord has showered us with too many blessings to count. We believe we own nothing and owe everything to Our Lord, so we give freely with a servant heart.  It is our calling and privilege to give back in support of His Kingdom on Earth.

It is our hope that the children and grandchildren who are so precious would find a home in the faith of our fathers and carry on the work of the Kingdom.

Anne and Russ Abercrombie

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