Shara Margheim & Her generosity story


After my husband’s death I moved to Frisco to be near one of our sons and family. I was yearning for a church home like the one I left…welcoming and a sense of a living, active faith, and had a Stephen Minister program.

My first memory upon entering PMLC’s narthex and being greeted by almost everyone visiting there before service, was “The search for my church home is over.” People were so friendly and genuinely interested in me and it was obvious they were living their faith.

I truly appreciate the fact that PMLC not only cares and nurtures the faith and connections of its congregation (all ages), but outwardly shows God’s love through its many mission projects. It encourages and provides opportunities for all to be involved in these projects. It also takes great care of the facility.

I learned generosity from my parents (who were Christians but rarely attended worship), and my grandparents. We didn’t have much money to give, but time and food was always given. I remember helping my grandmother take food to the hobos who rode on the little Jitney train that came through our small town periodically. She told me we had plenty of food (she lived on an active farm), not money, but God loves all types of giving. Then when I was baptized at 15 of my choosing, I started giving from my babysitting income. My husband had always given so we continued and taught our sons the importance and joy of giving, both time and money.

I support PMLC because it spreads the love and the grace of God by ministering not only to the congregation, but by its many goals of giving to mission work. It’s well balanced, because we are blessed with strong leadership and a caring congregation. My money is well-spent. PMLC follows God’s teachings and exudes the Fruits of the Spirit.

My hope for PMLC is that existing members and others continue to feel this is home like I do, because of its strong faith beliefs and spreading God’s love to all. We are blessed.

Shara Margheim

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