the volks: finding our home

We left behind a wonderful Lutheran Church when we moved from Nebraska to Plano eight years ago. We hoped to find a new church that had everything we’d left behind; a welcoming Community in which we could actively participate, coupled with strong children and youth ministries where our kids could grow.

The first time we attended Preston Meadow we were welcomed with open arms.  There was a feeling of love and friendship and a sense of belonging. It was obvious that this welcoming spirit wasn’t just extended to us----this was a congregation where everyone was welcomed.  We knew right then that we’d found our new church home. 

One of the greatest things about our congregation is that everyone has the opportunity to serve.   Whether it’s through their financial giving or time and talents, there is a place for every member to contribute their particular skills towards the mission of the church.

Our parents and grandparents instilled generosity in us. They always said that it was better to give than to receive.  Preston Meadow’s Joyful Generosity core value, folded into the overall mission of the congregation to help those in need, is the reason we give generously to the church. 

We hope that another core value of the church to be welcoming and accepting of everyone who walks through our doors continues.  Whether it be young families, people moving for a job or anyone just looking for a place to worship, our hope is that Preston Meadow becomes their home and impacts their spiritual lives. We pray they find something as special as we have in our home at Preston Meadow Lutheran Church. 

Stacey and Travis Volk

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