The Oplands & Their generosity story


We moved from Iowa to north Texas in 2019 to enjoy family and warmer winters. After having spent 30 years in an ELCA congregation, in looking for our new place to worship, we knew that we wanted a church that had Word-based worship and sermons, was a welcoming and genuine community, and a congregation with a significant emphasis on outreach. We found all of this at PMLC!

When we first visited PMLC, we were warmly welcomed by several members. But what really caught our attention was a “buzz” in the crowded narthex after the service from people being genuinely excited and happy to share and spend time with each other. As members, we now look forward to seeing our church family and contributing to the buzz.

We joined a Sunday grow group and a weekday Bible study group which has allowed us to grow in our faith, connect with others and develop meaningful relationships as we study Scripture and pray together.

We both learned generosity from our parents who had limited financial resources. We each remember our parents writing a check to the church every Sunday morning at the kitchen table. As we got older and more involved in the church, we were mentored by members who graciously shared their individual journeys to faithful giving. Learning from their examples, we try to reflect on God’s gifts to us, prayerfully consider how to respond, and be cheerful with the commitments we feel led to make.

Our responsibility to support the shared mission of PMLC is important to us - to be a community of grace in action and connecting people to share in Christ’s mission of grace for God’s world. We recognize that our church home requires financial resources to operate, and we believe that PMLC is a responsible steward of contributions made by our members.

Our hope for PMLC is that it will continue to be a place where people can come to know Christ, to grow in their faith, to support and care for one another, and to focus on both local and global outreach to spread the Word of God and Jesus’ love beyond the four walls of the church.

Sharon and Gordon Opland

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