LENT 2021

Jesus is the Great Healer.  His presence in our world means that God has come to restore and repair what has been broken and destroyed.   In a season of great difficulty, with a global pandemic, political polarization, racial injustices, and the other hardships of life, we call upon and look to Jesus to restore us and make us new in his grace.  This Lent, we’ll think about how Jesus’ healing presence repairs many areas of our life and culture to make all things new.  

schedule: The Gift of Healing

Feb 17— Ash Wednesday

Jesus heals my heart

Feb 24— Lent 2

Jesus heals my mind

Mar 3— Lent 3

Jesus heals my relationships

Mar 10Lent 4

Jesus heals our world

Mar 17— Lent 5

Jesus heals us

Mar 24— Lent 6 

The Story of Zacchaeus and the Gift of Salvation  

wednesday evening soup supper cookbook

Even though we still can’t safely gather in person for community meals, that doesn’t mean we can’t share in the spirit of our annual Lenten soup supper tradition!

Pick your favorites to prepare on Wednesday evenings before worship!

Click on the image to the left for a PDF printable version.