Virtual summer time bible studies

Our Family Ministry Associates (affectionately known as the FMAs) spent time this summer creating fun Bible study videos for kids in our congregation.  They dove into Bible stories, crafts, songs, and silliness to help connect us to Christ during this time of pandemic precautions.  Feel free to share this page far and wide with others in your community! 

Click on the pic below to be taken to our Vimeo page and see our entire catalog.  

Screen Time during covid

From Pastor Kate: 

I know you've had a lot of screen time lately, but I truly believe these videos are screen time that is worth it for your child. Faith development is so beyond important right now, and I can't say that enough. 

If you only pray during the day, that's okay. 

If you only watch a video, that's okay. 

If you only ask your kid where they saw God during their day- that's okay. 

If you only get through one day of VBS a week- that's okay. 

If you read a bible story- that's okay too (I have children's bibles if you need one). 

Doing something is better than nothing right now and there is so much grace for you when you mess up or fail to reach whatever parenting standard or life standard you have for yourself. It can be something small that doesn't take much time, or something bigger that fills up a morning. 

I truly believe we are all doing the best we can right now, and leaning into God's love and teaching our kids how to do that is one of the most important things.