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8:30 & 11am

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PMLC Preschool Summer Camp
Infants (6 weeks) to PreK
7am - 5:30pm / 972-208-2424

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 Adult Education

DYNAMIC DISCIPLESHIP FORMATION is the goal of our ADULT EDUCATION PROGRAM on Sunday mornings at Preston Meadow Lutheran Church. We live in a diverse culture. The pace of life is breakneck most of the time. We are called to lives of faith – but what does that mean exactly?

On Sunday mornings we offer two different adult education options, between first and second services and we hope that you will choose to be involved in one of them.

  • SCRIPTURE ENCOUNTER is designed to provide you with in depth study of different parts of the Bible, so that you can wrestle with God, deepen your faith and be equipped to lead the life to which God calls you.
  • LIFE ENCOUNTER helps you reflect on the lives that we live every day. How do we, as Christians, strengthen our family and friendship connections, find ways to develop spiritual practice that connects us in conversation with God, serve the needs of our wider community, and understand the culture in which we live?

Leadership of both options will be shared by the pastors and trained laity from our congregation.