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PMLC Preschool Summer Camp
Infants (6 weeks) to PreK
7am - 5:30pm / 972-208-2424

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This exciting program is a complete curriculum for preschoolers.

The center of the program is an interactive teaching DVD and Rosi, the puppet, who will be your teacher, with the help of Ms. Lorena. The program consists of 38 half hour lessons, enough for a whole school year. Additional lessons are also incorporated to the existing curriculum.

The lamb has long been a symbol of youth and innocence. And Rosi has a sweet face, workable mouth and arms and has very soft fur. We use this precious little lamb to tell all about things that take place in Spanish.

“Spanish is Fun with Rosi” builds on real life learning. New learning is presented in small increments and each increment is reviewed throughout the year. This provides students with the exposure needed to achieve success. Learning and communicating about things that are common to every young learner—like Greetings, Number 1-through-10, colors, shapes, parts of the body, sounds, their family, their needs, and polite expressions are all incorporated into the program.

Students are introduced to the Spanish language gradually. They are first taught how to greet each other by identifying individual letter sounds so that they immediately are able to communicate. And because of the continuous incrementally approach students never have a chance to forget what they have previously learned.