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PMLC Preschool Summer Camp
Infants (6 weeks) to PreK
7am - 5:30pm / 972-208-2424

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Our program will provide a Faith-Based Christian environment in which the child can experience independence appropriate to his/her age, develop social skills, and form a positive self-image.

We want the child to be able to experiment and to create, to feel comfortable with and curious about his/her environment, to develop language skills and to understand concepts of all kinds. Our goal is to include activities that will enable children to build basic skills in language arts, science, social skills, mathematics and Spanish. Singing, dancing, arts, crafts, cooking, story telling, puppets, puzzles, blocks, table games, as well as physical activities are all important curriculum factors essential for a developmentally appropriate program. We also encourage simple courtesy, caring for one another, problem solving skills and respect for each persons well being and uniqueness.

Academic vs. Developmental

An academic preschool focuses on preparing your child for the academic challenges your child will face in school. Much attention is given to letters, numbers, pre-reading skills and other academic work. An academic program can range in extremes from academic only activities mixed with developmental, age-appropriate tasks and skills

A developmental program usually means it is tailored toward skills and activities that are appropriate to your child’s age and stage of development. A developmental program is likely to spend more of their class day painting and allowing children more individual choice in how to use their time. Activity centers are very popular in developmental programs. They often have a block center, science center, art center, dramatic play center, book center, etc. They are much less focused on academic tasks and concentrate more on social interaction and creativity. A developmental program would say that “play” is a form of learning.

Our program utilizes a combination of developmental and academic approaches.

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Phone: 972-208-2424 Fax: 972-618-3681
Email: kdo@pmlc.org
6801 Coit Road Plano, TX 75024