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Opportunities to Connect in Ministry

At our baptisms, the church proclaims something bold – that we become children of God, made members of God’s family, and are established as workers in God’s kingdom.  We know that kingdom work happens all around us, every day.  It’s the work we do with our children and family to let them know that God loves them and values them.  It’s the work we do with our careers where we share our passion with the world and work in a way that shows forth the light of Christ in us. 

It also includes the work that happens through the church.  We invite every partner of PMLC to connect in ministry. 

The provided document on this webpage lists many possibilities for you and your family to engage in ministry.  Look over the possibilities and let us know which ones you’d like to participate in.

Making coffee, sweeping the floor after an event, or putting Angels on Christmas trees may not seem like much, but we know God is doing something to us, with us, and for us.  As we hear from Ephesians 2:22: 

In Christ you also are being built together into a dwelling place for God by the Spirit.

Fill out the connections card and mail it in, or put it in the offering plate on any given Sunday.  Your information will be put into our leadership database, and a ministry leader will reach out to you to talk about our most pressing leads at this time.  If you have questions, feel free to contact us at the church office. 

   Ministry Connection Booklet

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   Ministry Connections Card

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