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PMLC Preschool Summer Camp
Infants (6 weeks) to PreK
7am - 5:30pm / 972-208-2424

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Emotional and Social: To help each child develop:

  • An awareness of his/her personal worth and self-confidence.
  • An awareness of the worth of others and concern for them.
  • An inner control.
  • An ability to function as a cooperative member of a group.
  • An aptitude for creative play.

Physical: To help each child develop:

  • Large-and small-motor control.
  • Awareness of his/her body.
  • Habits of personal hygiene.
  • Awareness of proper nutrition.
  • Safety habits.

Intellectual: To help each child develop:

  • Communication skills.
  • Problem-solving skills.
  • Sense of curiosity for an interest in science.
  • Personal inner creativity.
  • Kindergarten readiness activities.
  • Arts and craft skills.
  • Music and rhythm abilities.
  • Enjoyment of literature.

Spiritual: To help each child develop:

  • An awareness that he/she is a unique creation.
  • An understanding of Bible principles, characters and stories.

Chapel Time: To provide the children the opportunity to:

  • Hear familiar Bible stories, to hear and learn simple hymns and other Christian songs
  • Offer simple prayers and the understanding that prayer is talking to God.

The 3 and 4 year olds will participate in chapel once a week.